Play And Win Lightning Dice Game

Play And Win Lightning Dice Game

Discover the excitement of Evolution Live Lightning Dice - an easy-to-play live game with high RTP and the potential for big payouts. » Live Craps » Play And Win Lightning Dice Game
  • It is a fun and exciting activity that offers the chance to win big payouts.
  • It is developed and proposed by Evolution Gaming, a reputable provider of live experiences.
  • It is streamed live from Latvia, providing gamblers with an authentic and immersive experience.
  • It offers a wide assortment of betting options, including the potential for inadvertently multipliers to increase payouts.
  • The RTP is relatively high compared to other activities.
  • It is primarily a matter of fortune, and there is no guaranteed approach to succeed consistently.
  • It may not be ideal for participants who favor activities with more intricate regulations and tactics.
  • The betting range may be too high for some gamblers with smaller budgets.
  • The availability may be limited depending on the specific online casino and country of residence.

Lightning Dice is an exciting and fast-paced live dealer casino game that has become increasingly popular among gamblers worldwide. This article will propose a complete guide, including the gambling rules, basic strategies, and tips to increase your chances of winning.

Lightning dice live casino.

Where to Play Lightning Dice

For enthusiasts looking to dive into the exciting world of Lightning Dice, there are numerous reputable online casinos where this game can be enjoyed. Key factors to consider when choosing a platform include the gambling site reliability, user interface, customer support, and bonus offers. Top-rated online brand casinos that host often feature engaging user interfaces, robust security measures, and attractive bonuses to enhance the gaming experience. It’s important for gambles to select platforms that are licensed and regulated to ensure fair play and secure transactions.

5.0 rating
100% up to $500
5.0 rating
100% up to $200 and 100 spins
5.0 rating
100% match up to $1,500 + 200 Free Spins
5.0 rating
100% up to $100 and up to 100 extra spins
5.0 rating

Live Lightning Dice Review

Live Lightning Dice introduces a novel variation to the traditional dice contest. This live edition, broadcasted in premium video quality, showcases a skilled and engaging presenter who enhances the thrill of the contest. The contest’s interface is user-friendly, enabling participants to easily stake and keep track of the proceedings.

🎲 Name Lightning Dice
🎮 Provider Evolution Gaming
🎰 Type Live Dice Game
💎 Streaming from Latvia
🎉 RTP 96.21%
💰 Bet Range $0.20 – $2,500
💸 Max win Up to $500,000
💻 Supported platforms Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
📱 Supported OS Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
🌎 Languages English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese.

The most striking feature is the ‘Lightning Effect’, where inadvertently multipliers can significantly increase winnings. This feature not only adds an element of surprise but also increases the potential payouts, making each roll of the dice a thrilling experience. The overall atmosphere of the game is energetic and engaging, ensuring that gamblers are highly entertaining throughout their gaming session.

Lightning dice live.

Key Highlights

Lightning Dice revolutionizes the traditional game dice with its electrifying twist. Key highlights include:

  • Innovative Gameplay: Unlike classic games dice, introduces a dynamic, live gaming experience that’s both visually and interactively engaging.
  • Lightning Multipliers: One of the most thrilling features, these multipliers can amplify winnings significantly, adding an element of surprise and excitement.
  • Live Dealer Interaction: Gamblers relish a real-time gaming encounter with expert croupiers, augmenting the genuineness and communal element of the activity.
  • Broad Accessibility: The game is designed for both seasoned gamblers and beginners, offering straightforward rules with layers of complexity for strategic play.
  • High-Quality Streaming: Equipped by Evolution, the activity showcases high-definition video streaming, guaranteeing participants enjoy a smooth and engrossing experience.

What is Lightning Dice Live Casino?

Lightning Dice Live Casino is a live dealer game developed by a Gaming provider, a leader in the online gambling industry. This offering distinguishes itself through its blend of straightforwardness and intense thrill. Hosted in an aesthetically impressive setting, the offering features a live croupier who tosses three dice into a clear ‘Lightning Tower.’ The outcome is based on the total of the dice once they reach the bottom. What sets apart is the random lightning process effect, which strikes certain numbers, assigning them multipliers and potentially increasing gamblers’ winnings exponentially. This blend of luck, live-action, and the chance for big multipliers make a captivating addition to the world of live gaming.

How to Play Lightning Dice

Playing Lightning Dice is straightforward, making it accessible for gamblers of all experience levels:

  1. Place Your Bet: Choose and place your bet on what you think the three dice will amount to once they fall through the Lightning Tower.
  2. Lightning Multipliers: After bets are placed, lightning strikes 1 to several inadvertently numbers, enhancing them with multipliers.
  3. Dice Roll: The live croupier then rolls the three dice into the Lightning Tower. Gamblers watch as the dice tumble down through the maze-like structure.
  4. Outcome: The game’s outcome is determined by the sum total of the three dice once they land at the bottom. If your stake matches the outcome, and if it’s a number that received a multiplier, your winnings are increased accordingly.
  5. Payouts: Payouts are instantly calculated and awarded based on the odds of the stake and any applicable multipliers.

Each round of Lightning Dice delivers a swift and uncomplicated yet exhilarating adventure, positioning it as a favored selection among online live activities.

Live lightning dice casino.

Game and Special Features

Lightning Dice is a live casino game that offers gamblers a unique and exciting gaming experience. Here are some of the special features that make it stand out:

  • Live Gameplay: It is a live match broadcasted in real-time from Latvia. This means participants can experience a live and interactive setting, just like in a traditional decent casino.
  • Three shakers: It employs three dice, which a live croupier tosses. The objective of the activity is to accurately forecast the aggregate count of the dice following their roll.
  • Multi-level Betting Options: Offers a wide assortment of staking variants for participants. Participants can place bets on what the total sum of the craps will be, as well as on specific numbers and combinations of numbers that may appear on the craps.
  • Random Multipliers: One of the unique features is the inadvertently multipliers that can be applied to the payouts. After the stakes are placed, the dealer will activate the Lightning feature, randomly applying a multiplier to one or more stakting variants. This can increase the potential payouts significantly, allowing gamblers to big win.
  • Autoplay: For gamers who prefer a faster gameplay experience, it offers an autoplay feature. This enables gamblers to specify a predetermined number of games and stakes, which will be played automatically without manual intervention.

Video Performance

The video performance of Lightning Dice is of high quality, providing gamblers with a seamless and immersive gaming experience. It is streamed in real-time from a state-of-the-art studio in Latvia, using high-quality cameras and advanced streaming technology. The video feed is optimized for various device types and internet connections, ensuring that participants can enjoy the activity with fewer lag or buffering. The dealers are skilled professionals who are amiable and engaging, contributing to the overall thrill of the activity.


In the thrilling realm of online gaming, bonuses play a pivotal role in enhancing your gaming experience. They not only enhance your likelihood of succeeding but also introduce an additional element of thrill to the gameplay. When it comes to Lightning Dice, an array of bonuses awaits players, each offering a unique advantage.

No-Deposit Sign Up Bonus

The no-deposit sign-up bonus is a gem in the world of online promotions. This type of bonus is particularly appealing because it requires no initial deposit. Essentially, it’s a risk-free chance for new players to explore this activity. In Lightning Dice, the no-deposit bonus could be offered as complimentary rounds or a modest sum of credit, enabling newcomers to familiarize themselves with the gameplay without any monetary obligation. It’s an excellent way for gamblers to dip their toes into the water before plunging in with real money.

Lightning dice live dealer.

Lakh over 3 deposits

For players ready to commit, the “Lakh over 3 deposits” bonus is a lucrative option. This bonus structure rewards gamblers not just on their first deposit, but across their first three. It’s an incremental reward system; each deposit unlocks a part of the bonus, often resulting in a substantial total bonus amount – sometimes up to a lakh (a term used in South Asia for 100,000). This type of bonus encourages longer-term engagement with the game, as gamblers receive ongoing rewards as they continue to play and deposit.

Free Spins

While Lightning Dice is not a slot where spins are utilized, the concept of free spins in this context corresponds to complimentary throws or opportunities. These gratis equal chance proposal gamblers with extra opportunities to win without the requirement of placing additional bets. For instance, upon fulfilling certain criteria or during designated promotional intervals, players might receive complimentary opportunities to roll the dice. This not only enhances the likelihood of success but also extends the enjoyment without extra expense.

Lightning Dice Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Like most games, there are some strategies that gamblers can use to increase their opportunitys of winning at Lightning Dice. Here are some basic strategies to consider:

  1. Understand the odds of each bet: Different stakes have different odds, and it is important to understand the payouts for each stake before placing your stake.
  2. Start with small stakes: If you are new to this activity, it is best to start with small wagers until you are acquainted with the rules and tactics.
  3. Stick to simple bets: While the payouts for more complex stakes may be higher, the probability of success is lower. It is generally recommended to stick to simple stakes until you become more experienced with the game.

Here are some additional tips to improve your likelihood of winning:

  • Play at a reputable: Choosing a reputable casino is important to ensure fair gameplay and timely payouts.
  • Manage your bankroll: Set a budget for yourself before playing and stick to it. Do not chase your losses or bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • Take advantage of bonuses and promotions: Many online gambling site offer bonuses and promotions for new and existing gamblers. Take advantage of these offers to maximize your winnings.

Live casino lightning dice.

Lightning Dice Statistics

In the ever-evolving realm of online gaming, “Lightning Dice” distinguishes itself with its distinctive statistical structure. This part explores the intriguing statistics that dictate the game mechanics, centering on two crucial elements: Victorious Digits and Cycle Record.

Winning Numbers

In the context of gaming, the idea of successful outcomes is fundamentally connected to chance and possibility. Differing from classic dice-based activities, Lightning Dice introduces a dynamic element by randomly attributing enhanced values to specific outcomes in each session. This feature not only enhances the excitement but also significantly influences the statistical probability of each number.

  • Probability Distribution: Each number (range from 3 to 18) has a distinct probability of being rolled, with the central numbers (like 10, 11, 12) typically having a higher likelihood due to the combinations of dice results.
  • Impact of Multipliers: The arbitrarily allocated multipliers can transform a less likely number into a high-reward choice, introducing an element of strategy to the apparently inadvertently aspect of the activity.
  • Analyzing Trends: Seasoned players often analyze past winning numbers to predict potential patterns or trends, though it’s crucial to remember that each roll is independent and random.

Round History

Round history in Lightning Dice offers a window into the recent possible outcomes. This historical data can be an intriguing aspect for players who enjoy analyzing patterns or for newcomers trying to understand the gameplay mechanics.

  • Understanding Game Dynamics: By exploring the circular history, gamblers can gain an understanding of the tempo and the regularity of significant-multiplier wins.
  • Strategic Insights: While previous turns don’t affect upcoming results in a game of equal probability, this background knowledge can assist participants in strategizing, particularly in overseeing their stakes.
  • Transparency and Trust: Providing a clear history of turns also fosters a sense of transparency and trust in the activity, assuring gamblers of the fairness and randomness of the outcomes.

Live dealer lightning dice.

Live Lightning Dice Payouts

Offers an assortment of primary rewards for various staking variants, with the potential for substantial gains through inadvertently multipliers. Here are some rewards that can be won:

  • Betting on the sum total of the craps can offer payouts of 1:1 to 150:1, depending on the specific sum and applicable multipliers.
  • A specific number to appear bet on one of the craps can offer returns of 1:1 to 500:1, depending on the number and any applied multipliers.
  • Staking on a specific combination of numbers to appear on the three craps can offer payouts of 5:1 to 1,000:1, depending on the combination and any applied multipliers.

Return to Player (RTP)

The RTP for Lightning Dice is 96.21%, which is relatively elevated compared to other activities. This means that on average, gamblers can expect to win back $96.21 for every $100 they wager on the game. It is important to note that the Return to Player is a theoretical calculation based on long-term gameplay, and actual results may vary in the short term.


Lightning Dice dealer game is exciting and fast-paced, allowing gamblers to win big. By understanding the gambling rules, using basic strategies, and following these tips, you can enhance your probability of winning and enjoy a fun and rewarding gaming experience.

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What is Evolution Live Lightning Dice?

Evolution Live Lightning Dice is a game that is developed and provided by Gaming. It is played using three craps, and the objective is to correctly predict the total sum of the three dice of the craps after they are rolled. It offers a unique and exciting gaming experience with the potential for big payouts through inadvertently multipliers.

How to Play Lightning Dice Online?

To engage in online gaming, one must first select a reputable online casino that proposals the game. Once the game is launched, gamblers can place their stakes on the paytable and watch as the dealer rolls the craps. It is played in real-time, with the potential for random multipliers to increase main payouts.

It’s beginner friendly?

Yes, Lightning Dice is beginner-friendly and simple to grasp. It adheres to the same fundamental principles as traditional craps activities, and the staking choices are visibly marked on the table.

Is there a strategy for playing Live Lightning Dice?

While it is primarily a contest of luck, there are some fundamental tactics that participants can employ to improve their opportunitys of success. These involve grasping the probabilities of each bet, commencing with modest staks, and adhering to straightforward bets until gaining more familiarity with the contest.

Is there a Live Lightning Dice Casino Bonus?

In certain virtual gambling establishments, rewards or incentives might be proposed for specific contests or for a variety of competitions overall. Gamblers should check the promotions section of their preferred online gambling site to see what offers are available.

What is the maximum win possible on Lightning Dice?

The maximum win varies depending on the specific staking variant and any applied multipliers. However, It does offer the potential to win up to $500,000 in a single round.

Is Lightning Dice rigged?

No, It is not rigged. It is developed by a reputable provider and is subject to regular testing and auditing to ensure fair gameplay.

Is there a Lightning Dice demo?

Some online casinos might propose trial modes where participants can familiarize themselves with the gameplay without staking actual funds. Nevertheless, the presence of a trial mode could differ based on the particular gambling site.

What are similar games to Lightning Dice?

Similar games include other live online casinos that use craps, such as Sic Bo and Craps.

What other live games are available from Evolution?

Evolution Gaming proposes a range of games, encompassing Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and different poker variations like Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, and Caribbean Stud Poke.

Is Lightning Dice a game of skill or luck?

It is primarily a game of luck, although understanding the odds of each stake and using basic strategies can improve your chances of winning.

What is the minimum bet for Lightning Dice?

The minimum stake varies depending on the casino and the specific game variation. Check the table limits before placing your stake.

Can I play Lightning Dice online?

Yes, It is available at many online casinos. Be sure to choose a reputable casino with a valid license and secure payment options.

Updated 2024-04-12